Thursday, 25 July 2013

The July garden.

Apologies for any repeats.
The sage needs cutting right back, it's taking over!
I'm not sure about such a garish splash of colour but it certainly brightens things up!
The runner beans have finally decided to get a move on
Plenty of tomatoes for later on in the year, blight permitting!
Chocolate mint looking healthy and happy.
The hundreds and thousands of little flowers . . . 
. . . just starting to turn into hundreds and thousands of little fruit.  Sorry about the poor quality of the image.
Two thirds of the garden, more or less!


Sonja said...

Wow, your garden is looking absolutely lovely, Joy - you must be so pleased! I love that splash of red from those tall whatever-they-are-called flowers - makes for such a lovely contrast with all the other plants and things. Looks absolutely great! :o)
have fun! :o) S. xxx

Joy said...

My mind has gone blank - I can't remember their name - yes I can, they're crocosmia. They're nice but quite invasive and after this year's flowering I'm thinning them out quite drastically. Beth's taking them.
Thanks - you will see it in reality in a few weeks!
J x

Annabeth said...


Lucifer is my favourite crocosmia, glorious and looks fantastic against the 'can't remember what it's called' green of your shed and fence.

Joy said...

Somerset green! Thank you - I'm glad people think it looks good!
J x

Sonja said...

Those crocosmia really are stunning, Joy - such a fantastic colour! :o) Yes, I very much look forward to seeing everything in reality in a few weeks - it can't come quick enough. :o)
Have a lovely weekend! S. xxxx

Joy said...

I think 'lucifer' says it all. As hot as hell itself! :-)
J x