Sunday, 28 July 2013


Good morning.  It's a much more pleasant morning too after a humid evening and quite a lot of rain.  I went to sleep sweating on top of the quilt and woke shivering (the fan was on!).  At the moment there is a delightfully fresh breeze blowing, the sun is shining and the sky is that wonderful clear blue that you can get when humidity is low.  I bet you can see for miles and miles on the London Eye at the moment!

Yesterday was quite a lazy day.  I made bread, did a bit of stuff in the garden, did a bit of shopping, read, dozed, wartched rubbish TV and generally wasted the day away.

Today I expect to be busy.  I'll tell you about it later!


Sonja said...

It sounds like a lovely morning and I am so glad that the humidity is better, too....doesn't sound as if you wasted your day at all, it sounds lovely - relaxed and just what you need. :o)
Have another lovely day today.
S. xxx

Joy said...

Well, it was a waste but a nice waste! Thanks, Sonja!
J x