Thursday, 25 July 2013


Another hot day yesterday but quite a nice hot for most of the day although it did get rather humid for a while before clearing again.  I woke to the sound of rain on the window pane and for a while it was quite heavy.  It cleared a short time ago but it's clouding over and looks ominous again now.  I should have known it would rain as the window cleaner came yesterday!

Yesterday was quite a busy day at times.

Beth came round to pick up her garden furniture (flat packed) and take it to the allotment.  It wouldn't fit in her car so she borrowed mine.  It was nice to see her and Alex, although they didn't stay long.

I did some gardening - well, pott(er)ing anyway.  I got the chocolate mint into its destination pot (oh, my, it does smell good) and ditto for the tayberry, pot-wise.  The garden really does look nice.  I posted some photos on Facebook and will put a few on here too.  The sun definitely makes everything look a lot nicer.

A short while ago I got one of those blue, lightweight, expandable hoses but when it came it wouldn't fit the tap or the spray nozzle I already had so I then had to send off for an adaptor and a nozzle.  They came today and after a dead easy (even for me) fitting, hey presto, it was ready to go.  I'm delighted with it.  It really is light, it really does expand as the water passes through and quickly contract again afterwards and it fits neatly on a hook that fits over the tap.  Excellent.  Beth thinks so too because I'm giving her my old hose!

Later on I went back into town, first to sort something out with the bank (which turned out to be my 'fault') and then to go to the hearing aid place for a hearing test and also to send my right ear aid off for repair.  Fortunately, when I bought them, I took out an extended warrantee which is still viable so that's saved me nearly £100 - and the warrantee was a fair bit less than that.  Less fortunately, my hearing has deteriorated slightly again (no real surprises there) and is now categorised as 'severe'.  Ho hum, thank goodness for modern technology and hearing aids that really do a grand job, all things considered.  Also, I guess, thank goodness I have never been the life and soul of the party type or the loss would impact more severely on me, socially speaking.  After an adjustment of the aid that still works, and a small amount of money the poorer for some little thingy-bobs that catch the wax and stop it going into the aid, I came home, leaving one of my precious little aids behind.  We will be reunited in a fortnight!

So, one way and another it was an interesting day.

Today I am off out to spend some time with an old friend and expect to have a lovely time.  It feels great!


Diane Epps said...

glad you like the hose they are very good. we have a bit of trouble with very low water pressure but just the lightness makes water almost a pleasure.

Joy said...

I'm really pleased with it. No low water pressure issues here but I can see how it would make a difference. It's just so easy to get out and the put away again afterwards.
J x