Saturday, 6 July 2013


Another lovely day yesterday, quite a lot hotter than Thursday and I was glad it wasn't sports day.  I think it would have been uncomfortable for the children and adults alike.  Afternoon playtime was lovely though.

In-between appreciating the sunshine, I managed to get quite a lot done including finishing off the paperwork for an annual review next Friday afternoon so that's a weight off my mind!  With planning winding down for the end of term (yes - two weeks to go but rather a lot of 'events' to fit in) and the weather finally picking up, it's nice to be able to relax with a clear conscience.  George is coming this morning so the garden will look nice too, not that it will last for long because of the hedge coming down but never mind, no complaints!  It will all sweep up and a short term mess leads to a longer term gain.

I was going to Lathcoats to pick strawberries today but they sent out an email saying there was very little ripe fruit to the extent that they might close early and keep the farm closed for a few days, so I won't bother.  There ought to be plenty next week.  I am, however, going to Wyvale for a browse around!

The tomato grow houses arrives and ooops, they are too big for where I was planning for them to go, much bigger than I envisaged and I only really need one, I think.   Never mind, there are some alternative places and while it is hot and dry I won't be worrying about shutting them in anyway.  The nice thing about a container garden (semi, anyway) is that you can move pots around to change things very quickly and easily.   So if I move the tomatoes to in front of the shed where there's room for the grow house (and it's a sunny spot too), I can have my herbs  that are in pots closer to the house.  That would work well.  Or I could do what I've wanted to do for ages and get a bench to go where the tomatoes have always gone before.  If I did, I could paint it the same colour as the shed and the fences.
Must take a look and see what's on offer!


Annabeth said...

Just as well you've got some space, light and sun coming soon :-)

Joy said...

:-) I'm very much looking forward to it.
J x