Saturday, 5 March 2016


Hello, everyone.  It is so jolly cold outside right now but we've had no snow and the ground looks dry.  I'm hoping that the expected rain holds off until everything has thawed as I have to drive somewhere this morning, partly on country roads, and really don't want to find myself on a sheet of ice.

I'm off to a two hour bread making session for Thermomixes (or should that be Thermomices?) run by the consultant who sold me mine.  She lives not too far from here and I have already been to one of her demos and came away with lots of ideas.  I'm hoping for interesting recipes to add to my repertoire of loaves.

After that it is back home to cook for my guests who will be keeping the house warm for me.  Well, maybe not exactly 'cook', more like 'get stuff out of the freezer'.

In a facebook group I belong to, someone posted a recipe for English muffins that uses sourdough discard.  It goes over two days so I thought I would give it a whirl and see.  I have plenty of crumpets right now so don't need to make any more yet.  I also want to make another batch of the sourdough crackers, this time adding some cheese to the mix.

Yesterday, after having my hair tamed and organised again (and I feel so much better now), Beth and I set too and finished the Tonk sock cats.  Now we just have three to make, all black, as requested by the lady who made the order.  We were pleased to get them finished!  I thought I would fall asleep after Beth left but I managed to stay away.  Consequently I had a wonderful night's sleep!

Today's food:
B: either toast or maybe a toasted crumpet, apple
L:  soup and bread/croutons to dunk
D:  not totally sure yet.  I need to rootle in the freezer.  Perhaps something with pasta as I have plenty of appropriate veg

But now I need coffee.

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