Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday

Good morning, gentle readers.  The Easter holiday has now started although, for many, it is work as usual.  After a very dull and wet day yesterday, it looks much more hopeful out there right now and the sun should come along soon.  There is a weather warning for wind tomorrow, however, so we will see.
NOT taken yesterday as you can see from the skies!
After a lovely lunch (brie and bacon toastie) and a good catch-up natter with friends at the Writtle tea rooms I got out the ironing basket and set to.  I now have an empty basket and a stack of things to put away.

Come the evening I decided to treat myself to a takeaway for the first time in quite a while so I logged on to Just Eat, chose my local Chinese and placed my order.  Deliver at 18:30, they said.  Fine.
At 19:30 nothing had arrived so I contacted Just Eat and started a 'chat'.  I can't phone the takeaway direct because of my hearing difficulties.
After 15 mins, I was told it was out with a driver and would be with me in five minutes (I only live about ten minutes drive away, if that).
An hour after that - so two and a quarter hours in total - it arrived, almost cold.
While it was heating up I left a review . . .

I didn't eat much after all that but it means I have leftovers for dinner tonight which isn't so bad.

Today I plan to go to Morrisons for a few items and then to have a home day.  I need to tidy up the corners and have more washing to deal with.  That's really about it!

My food:
B:  pikelet, bacon and poached egg
L: soup
D: leftovers!


  1. Oh no, it puts you off using them again doesn't you'd just had beans on toast now! It's looking a glorious day, we are just deciding whether to head North up into the Lakes or West over to Hawes and Wensleydale! Must get up and wash my hair first mind!

  2. How tiresome, have to admire your patience though, I would have given up after an hour and told them to stick it and asked for a refund! Hope the leftovers will still taste fresh tonight!

  3. Well, sadly, I won't be using them again. It's the most local and the food is usually good but their time keeping is appalling. They've delivered up to an hour early or late and once I sent it back and said please deliver a fresh order for the time I asked, because my guests hadn't arrived.

    Yes, Rachel, I did wish I hadn't bothered but having ordered . . . you know!

    Have a lovely time, wherever you go.

    Annabeth, I'm sure the leftovers will be good! Saves me having to cook anyway! I'm just glad I didn't order rice.

    J x

  4. I had a gorgeous day out and ended up at a corn mill!