Monday, 28 March 2016


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to a very wet, very windy Bank Holiday Monday.  I doubt many round here are looking forward to a picnic in the park or a jolly down to Southend or wherever today.  It's really not nice out there.  Lashing rain and enough wind to blow it around very convincingly although not quite strong enough to cause any worry in terms of fences, roofs, etc.

Well, after yesterday's little non-event, I woke just before eight this morning.  Unheard of, although I suppose changing the clocks had something to do with it and two days ago it would have been just before seven which feels a lot less idle and indolent, somehow.

Thanks for all the messages of concern.  I think I'm feeling a lot better and, as the 'just woken up' feeling clears, will feel more better (or do I mean betterer?).  I hate the first coughs and splutters of the day when you have a cold but there's no doubt, they clear the old tubes!

Enough of that!  Here's a few photos I was going to show yesterday but didn't.
Here's the hot crossless bun loaves, made on Saturday.  I'm munching some, toasted and buttered, as I type and it's very good indeed.  The main problem is that I made a bit of a 'spatial' error and all the fruit is around the outside with none in the middle which makes for a very pretty pattern on each slice but . . .

The other is some little egg baskets that were dead easy to make.  Yes, Beth, I nicked a few buttons from Kitty Stitches!  I reckon little eggs are a lot smaller than they used to be because these little baskets are fractionally too large for the eggs so I had to lay them on their sides.

Today I have an Easter Sunday dinner to make.  Roast lamb, etc.  Apart from that, it will be knitting, crocheting and maybe some sewing too.  Nice and relaxing anyhow.

B:  toasted fruit loaf
D:  roast lamb, etc
T:  not sure - I will see what's left over or boiled egg and toasty soldiers, I think, with fresh fruit to follow.


  1. I just had a boiled egg for breakfast! Waiting for the HG to bugger off fishing so I can enjoy owning the telly for a bit, instead of watching programmes like American loggers/ice truckers/mountain men!
    Just having a cup of green tea before I crack on with moving more stuff into my craft storage space!

  2. Fishing? In this weather? :-)
    Does that mean lovely fresh fish for dinner tonight?

    J x