Friday, 4 March 2016


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to Friday's entry.

Yesterday was wonderful!  In the middle of the afternoon two friends and I idly sauntered down to the bus stop and got on a coach that took up into the West End.  We had dinner at Bella Italia (a shared garlic ciabatta, carbonara and three scoops of scrummy ice cream) before walking ten metres down the road to the Queen's Theatre to see Les Miserables.  I don't have treats like this very often and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time.  I wish I had taken my camera as the theatre was really ornate and a few photos would have been great.  I shall have to fall back on Google.

Until yesterday I must have been one of the few people to have seen neither the stage show nor the film but not any more.  Now I have to get the DVD!  The singing was brilliant (I hadn't realised it was operatic in style with no dialogue), the staging was fantastic and all in all I had an amazing time.

I shall be tired today.  By the time we got home (one friend was staying overnight and went home this morning) it was well after midnight and by the time we had finished a drink and had a chat it was after 1:00.  We were both up by seven this morning too!  No complaints - it is lovely to be able to be a gadabout without worrying about work the next day.  And what a delight to just get on a coach and be driven there and back - no worries about train times, tubes, etc.

Beth is here right now and later on Sharon is coming to do our hair.  I am glad - this last week I have felt very shaggy and unkempt and it will be good to feel neat again.  After that we hope to finish the sock cats!

Today's food:
B:  toast and marmalade
L:  soup, natural yogurt
D:  fish, sweet potato chips, peas, apple and orange

Have a lovely day!

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It's my daughter's favourite!