Thursday, 24 March 2016


It's the last day of the school term.  For me, yesterday was the last day of term as I don't have any supply booked today, so I'm taking it all very nice and easy this morning and nursing a potential cold - bunged up nose and sore throat.  The last one didn't really turn into anything too bad so I'm hoping this one will be just a few days of discomfort and nothing more as well.

Yesterday I had a reception class for the morning and it was a good time.  The TAs are so efficient and watch your back so loyally, it make the experience a very pleasant one.

After lunch I took my friend to the station to catch her train and then came back to have a little nap before a very busy evening which made for a very long day.

First of all I saw the lower juniors' show, Resurrection Rock, which was brilliant.  Acting, dancing, speaking, costumes, staging - all were great and as for the singing, it was simply outstanding.  There will be some very tired lower juniors today though!

Then it was straight into a governors meeting where we made decisions, asked questions, had a bit of a laugh at times and generally, I hope, supported the school.
After arriving home I logged into Facebook and spend a few hours dealing with a 'situation' before crashing out in bed.

Today couldn't be more different.  A lie in (comparatively speaking), lunch out with two friends and then a nice, gentle evening.  What more could I ask?

B:  Pikelets with a poached egg.
L:  No idea but it will be good.
D:  It really depends on what I have for lunch but I think I will defrost a piece of salmon and see what I fancy with it.

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