Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Good morning!  I'm not late today, I haven't slept in longer than I should and, best of all, I have a free day.  Well, sort of free . . . there's nothing in the diary anyway.

I covered most of yesterday in my late entry yesterday but, sadly, the parcel wasn't the bannetons.  However, excitedly, it was the big box of meat from muscle food instead.  The owner of one of the facebook groups I help to admin (Feed Yourself for a Pound a Day - great group, look for it and ask to join) had negotiated a deal with the company that meant it was all half price so brilliant value.  Beth and I have gone shares so I spent yesterday evening sorting and wrapping meat.  Not the most pleasant way to spend an evening, I know, but it's all done and in the freezer now.

I still have the bannetons to come.  Maybe today?

Today I intend to get a whole load of little things done and out of the way.  It's really good that it's a blank day in my diary.  I'm still struggling to get to grips with some of the basic points of sourdough and today I will have another go.  I have decided I don't like it too sour/yeasty/chewy but I do like a little bit of it so it's well worth pushing on through.  Anyway, it is a challenge.
I have to say, sourdough toast is absolutely gorgeous!

Today's food is
B:  bacon sarnie, apple
L:  home made soup, fruit yogurt
D:  Probably more of the chicken korma I made yesterday.  It was extremely delish and I have blogged about it in Teacher's Recipes.

. . . and lots and lots of coffee!  Starting now!

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