Monday, 7 March 2016


The start of another working week.  Good morning, one and all.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  It's freezing cold outside again but no snow!

It's been quite exciting for me.  After the reaction to my expensive looking but frugal loaf on Saturday, yesterday Beth brought round the loveliest gift for Mothering Sunday - an owl cushion that she had made herself.

Here he is.  Isn't he super?  I love him to bits.  She's so clever and creative, is my daughter.

I need to give him (or her) a name.  Any ideas?  Ollie Beak comes to mind, which really dates me, doesn't it?  Do any of my gentle readers remember him?
Here's the original Ollie Beak with Fred Barker on Tuesday Rendezvous or, as we called it, 'ren dezz vooz' until we were corrected.

Nostalgia rools, OK?

So yesterday evening I posted a photo on Facebook to show off my clever daughter's skill and to say thank you publicly and before I could say too-whit, too-who, there was a positive storm of compliments and requests from others to make one for them.

So I guess we have found our next Kitty Stitches project.  Not cats this time but owls!

Beth and Alex came round for lunch.  I made macaroni cheese which went down a real treat, not only with Beth and Alex but also with Sonja and Milli later on.  A cook always likes her efforts to be appreciated so I was well chuffed.  I have to say, it did taste pretty good.

It was a very worthwhile afternoon.  Beth finished her runner that she's making as a specific order and I got on with the Tonk sock cats and we're nearly finished the order of fifteen now.

Today starts with swimming, then goes on to some crocheting and some bread making, followed by afternoon coffee with a friend who is coming round to chat about stuff.  I also have a broccoli stalk to make into soup but that might have to wait for Tuesday.
There's nothing scheduled for the evening, thank goodness.

Today's food:
B:  poached egg on toast
L:  soup, fruit
D:  ham with leftover veg from yesterday and maybe some oven chips if I can be bothered, fruit yogurt.

Now, though, I need coffee.


  1. Love the Ollie Beak photo- had completely forgotten about him.

  2. A real blast from the past, isn't it? I loved Ollie Beak.
    J x

  3. I just love the cushion what a clever girl.

  4. Indeed she is - and we've had lots of ideas for owly things to make now! :-)
    J x