Saturday, 26 March 2016



How was yesterday for you?  Here the sun came out and shone so brightly that I was motivated to change my sheets early and make use of the lovely drying conditions - something that doesn't happen very often.  I now have a basket load of ironing but I don't care - it's a good excuse to sit in front of the Saturday morning telly while I iron merrily away!

I was able to get lots of crochet done.  I now have five little dolls cot blankets for our stall at the summer fair and I think that's probably enough.  All the ends have been sewn in (yawn) and they have been steam pressed.  I just have to make and stitch on little flower and leaf shapes as a decoration and then take some photos of them on the little IKEA doll's bed I bought last year.

On Facebook, someone posted a photo of a little crochet basket so I tracked the pattern down (on You Tube - such a useful place) and had a go.  This is it . . .

The 'proper' one is made with two strands of DK and a big hook but I made mine with single strand and a smaller hook, just to see how it worked.  Isn't it lovely - perfect for a little lady.  I think I shall make a few more for the June Fair stall.  I think it just needs a cardboard insert at the bottom.
Here's the link to the instructions.

Later on in the day the cleaners turned up so I went out to do a bit of weekend shopping, including the muscovado sugar I wanted for the hot cross bun loaf I am making today.  When I got back the van was still there so I thought 'stuff the cost' and took a little jaunt around the area.  I set off for Writtle, turned down the 414, took a country road turning and followed my nose.  It was lovely.  The roads were deserted, the sun was bright and I had no idea where I was!  After a while I used the sat nav to take me back home again although it wasn't long before I was in familiar territory once more.  I love country lanes and we have plenty of them around here.  I must do this more often!

When I finally arrived home it was to a lovely, bright, clean house.  Bliss.

Unfortunately, later on in the evening a cough developed and I did have a bit of a disturbed night, but it's OK this morning, just uncomfortable and chesty.  Some hot honey and lemon will sort that out.

Today is a lazy day again.  I'm baking, crafting, ironing and watching telly.  First of all, though, I need to go into town to pick up those loaf tin liners from Lakeland so I'd better get going because I think parking will be rather 'iffy' today.

Today's food:
B:  fruit
L:  probably egg on toast
D:  something with chicken


  1. Cute little bag, clever use of a beanie!

    Sorry you are feeling poorly today and hope it's one of those that depart as quickly as they came.

  2. Thanks. It is very cute and I shall be making more as I have several balls of varicoloured yarn to use up. I think it is better done with one strand and a smaller hook than with two and a larger hook, having done both now.
    J x