Sunday, 6 March 2016


Good morning, everyone.  A very happy Mothering Sunday to all of us who are mothers, whether or not we still have our children.  At they say, you stop having children but you never stop being a mother.

Yesterday was an amazing day.  I drove through nasty, sleety stuff to where the Thermomix demo was and this time I didn't get lost.
The first time I went to a demo there I got thoroughly lost and had to phone Leonie to find how to un-lose myself again.
In two hours she covered a seeded bloomer, Chinese cocoa steamed buns, rosemary focaccia and a hot crossless bun loaf.  They all looked and tasted amazing.
Yes, there had been some preparation beforehand but not nearly as much as I had expected and Leonie managed the whole thing impressively well.
I now have four fab recipes that are on the list to make.  Many thanks to Leonie and if you're interested in getting a Thermomix, I can put you in touch with her.

The ingredients she used were very fine and pretty expensive and as I drove home I felt the urge to make a frugal loaf that looked good and tasted fine too.  So I did, using some recently acquired techniques and it seems to have cause a mini sensation (I do mean really, really mini!) on the Facebook Group where I posted about it.  I've blogged about what I did here and the next post is a review now that I have cut and tasted it.

Today I have my friends visiting and Beth and Alex are coming over for lunch.  I have a sourdough loaf to make - I retarted the rising which is a new thing for me so fingers crossed for this one.  Also, if I have time, I also want to try a spelt loaf using a recipe that a friend gave me (thank you, Rachel).

Today's food:
B:  has to be toast from the frugal loaf made yesterday
L:  ham, macaroni cheese and peas, fruit yogurt
T:  ham sarnie, apple and orange

Now, where's the coffee?

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