Friday, 10 January 2014


Another really mixed up day yesterday with over a quarter of my class still away and to cap it all I came home with some building tummy cramps of my own.  Ooops!  So I popped some tabs, had an early night and I feel fine this morning.  Weird.  I'm thankful though I wouldn't have been surprised if I had 'got it' as well.

I could get used to having a class in the low 20s though.  It's not the lower numbers, it's the knowledge that I will have to repeat a considerable amount of this week's work for the substantial minority who missed it and that will be a pain for the others, especially those who got it first time.  Maths, in particular, is an issue!

And, on reflection, it's one down (almost), five to go!  Weeks, that is.

We had a grand old time yesterday playing houses.  I call out the sort of house (detached, semi, terraced or flats) and they have to work with friends to make that house 'shape' with their bodies.  We had such a giggle about it and I was thankful for the lower numbers.  They were good at it and didn't take the opportunity to mess about, mainly because I had the camera ready to take photos and if you don't do it properly Mrs Clark can't take your photo!  Terrible, isn't it (and works a treat!)?

So it is Friday.  SEN day.  Loads to do and I'm thankful of the time to do it.  It's a long time since I was expected to do all the SEN stuff on top of a full day's teaching but I still remember how difficult it was and am very grateful that it is different now.

I wonder how big my class will be today!


Diane Epps said...

Dealing with all those little ones you should be immune to just about every bug known to man by now. Glad you are feeling Ok

Sue Stelfox said...

I've got to ask - what is SEN? I keep seeing it in your blog but have no idea what it is!


Joy said...

SEN is Special Educational Needs, Sue. I am the SEN coordinator (SENCo)

Diane: Hopefully I am more immune that I used to be but bugsies keep changing, don't they? Annoying little things.
J x

Sue Stelfox said...

Ah, thanks Joy!