Thursday, 23 January 2014


It's a bit cold this morning but nothing like as chilly as yesterday.  Fortunately, the rain cleared and by lunchtime it was lovely and sunny.  It begins to look as if we won't be getting much proper winter weather.  It's always the same - predict a long hot summer and what do we get - rain, rain and more rain.  Predict a long cold winter and . . . yes, you've guessed it!  So much for those headlines about the longest, coldest winter ever!  Mind you, perhaps those living in parts of the USA would say differently!

School was better yesterday.  Instead of being quiet and gentle I was sparky and hustling and they were much better and worked well.  Hopefully I can be me again today and they will remember.

It feels very weird to think that we are half way through the half term now.  It's been so disjointed and fragmented so far but hopefully all is now sorted and settled and we can move on.  I'm starting to feel the pressure of the phonic screen.  It's not until July but it is not that one starts to identify those who need a little extra push in order to get the 'pass' mark, whatever that will be.  They're not telling us the pass mark this year until the screen is over so we will be left in supreme anxiety until they condescend to release it, whenever that will be.  Still seems a bit weird and unnecessary for five year olds but there you go, that's education for you!

And talking of education, I'd better look over my maths - adding and subtracting ten to or from a two digit number.  They say standards are falling but I don't remember doing anything like that at the age of five.  Mind you, if I believed 'them' when they whitter on about falling standards, I'd expect to see them submerged under the sea or deep in subterranean caves by now!

I'd better stop now, before I get too silly!

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