Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Yesterday was weird, really weird.  Some bug is zooming its way through my class and I started the day with eight away which had increased to eleven by the afternoon.  Hardly a class at all.  No other class has been affected similarly (yet) and I am wondering what today will bring - or should I say WHO?

It's a weird feeling teaching something and knowing that you're going to have to do exactly the same lesson over again because it is an important one.  I didn't do a couple of things I had intended to do with them too.  I gather the local hospital is chocky full of norovirus problems and I am very, very hoping that it is just a bug, not the norovirus.  We were pretty unaffected by last year's outbreak with just a few in my class away, but I know other classes were affected more.  Perhaps it is our turn.

This morning is going to be weird too because I can't be in my classroom until playtime, basically.  New cupboards are being built!  Go to the hall, said someone.  Can't - violins in the hall.  OK, so the ICT suite.  Nope - the ICT technician in working in there today.
I think I can work round it but this is one of many problems of an undersized but popular school and it is grossly undersized: about 35% smaller than it should be.  There's no room for manoeuvre!  We will manage, we have to but I'm guessing it won't be fun!

I was right about outdoor games yesterday.  They weren't!  At playtime we all booted the children out into a light drizzle.  Two minutes later they were lining up to come in again as the drizzle had turned into a downpour.  So no games.  A shame because with such low numbers, games would have been great.

Ah, well, these things happen and here's hoping today won't be as upsy downsy as it could be.

I just like this photo.  There's something very satisfying about it, somehow!


joanygee said...

Hope your day went better than expected. Brought back memories of doubling up and sometimes tripling up classes. Those were the days...90 pupils with 1 teacher. Jx

Joy said...

Oh, my! Makes me wonder why I complain!! Mind you - no OFSTED in them there days!!!

joanygee said...

Yes, I have happy memories of pre Off-$-ted times. First assessment from those guys drove me nuts. The 'assessor' had been primary trained and an RE 'specialist'. Hope things improve for you. Jx

Joy said...

Well, at least I am too old to really be worried, personally, by OFSTED. I'd just hate to let everyone down
J x