Sunday, 26 January 2014


Yesterday was a really lovely day.  I had Alex here most of the day as Beth was at a tutorial.  She's doing a degree through the Open University and her current degree is a level 3 creative writing course (she's doing extremely well with it too).

For lunch we had a highly untraditional pizza.  As I mentioned somewhere, I bought the base but I made the topping like this.  I had some cooking bacon so I cut off the fat and gently fried that in the pan until it released its fat.  After removing that from the pan (and eating it because it was so scrummy), I fried the chopped up bacon, removed it and set it aside, then added onion, pepper, baby corn and  mushroom, all sliced appropriately.  After a long, slow saute, I added some passata that I had made from last summer's tomatoes (and frozen), added a few herbs, the bacon and a bit of seasoning and then tipped it all over the base.  Then on went some grated cheese and into the oven for about 15 or so minutes.  It wasn't in the least bit authentic Italian but what does that matter?  It was absolutely delicious and between us not one scrap was left.  I used what was left of the sauce in the evening, just mixed with home made pasta with more cheese (not a lot) over and that was utterly delicious too!  A bit of bacon makes for a great flavour and those tomatoes were scrumptious.

Today I am off to Beth's for lunch.  I haven't seen the kittens since they were really tiny, more than three weeks ago now.  They have changed a lot, of course, and are very photogenic.  If you like cute kittens, go and take a look at Indikon Tonkinese

In the evening Jack Monroe posted a recipe for peanut butter hot chocolate.  It looked simple and I was intrigued so, despite a bit of friendly negativity on Facebook, I had a go and treated myself and my work, it was fantastic.  I posted about it on Teacher's Recipes.  Well worth a go, I think.  I shall certainly be making it again, when I want a sweet treat but not too often as low calorie it ain't!


Diane Epps said...

Sometimes a little high calorie indulgence is fine and you feel so deliciously wicked!!!!!

Joy said...

I did rather. It was a bit of an experiment really as - well, it seemed a very odd combination of ingredients, but it was a huge success and definitely one I shall do again.
J x