Friday, 3 January 2014


. . . and here we are at the last day of the holiday.  Weekends don't count - well, they do but they're always there so they're not, strictly speaking, holiday.  It's been a good one, aches and sleeps to the contrary notwithstanding.  I'm not entirely sure I am ready to go back but I've missed the children so Monday will be a delight!

Yesterday was also a delight.  I had lunch with a dear friend, Jackie, who cooked a quiche with new potatoes and a salad and it was scrummy.  I love quiche but for one it isn't all that sensible.  I've tried freezing leftovers but it loses a certain something in the process.  We also had a great chat and will be continuing this sometime soon.

One of the nice things about making your own is that you usually have something tasty and unique to pick up and take as a gift and I was thrilled to be able to take over a wee pot of plam jam with star anise and a titchy bottle of strawberry vodka.  In exchange I came home with a red onion as Jackie has bought a net of three but didn't need them all!  You know me - never one to say no to a frugal offer!

On the way back I quickly popped into Beths.  I didn't stay long as she was right in the middle of a TMA but I did stay long enough to aaaahhhhh over the kittens.  Their eyes are now open and their ears are beginning to unfold and they are much more active and very indignant if they are taken away from mamma-milk-machine for any time.  Very cute.

Today is cleaning lady day so I need to just tidy up a little bit.  It's not too bad and won't take too long, thank goodness.  Then I need to get the planning ready for next week - sigh!  After that it is planning/making dinner which will be a savoury rice mixture as the ham needs finishing off today or thrown away (and I'm not doing that).  There isn't enough to freeze really.

So better get going!

Christmas pot pourri

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