Thursday, 2 January 2014


Well, what a day yesterday was.  Cold, very wet, very blustery, dark and dismal.  I did open the curtains in the morning but wondered why several times during the day.  By four they were all drawn across again and a little while later the heating clicked on to warm up the home.

I have a wonder-thermostat that enables me to set for four periods each day, weekdays and weekends.  Obviously, the week-day daytime temperature is set quite low (because usually I am out) and, in an effort to be frugal with heating, I am trying to manage without turning it up this week.  It wasn't too bad , as I had the halogen oven on for some of the time and was working in the kitchen but I was glad when the heating clicked on for the evening slot all the same.

After several days of listless aches and pains, my get-up-and-go, which had got-up-and-gone somewhere came back again and I was much more lively.  I made a mini loaf (using the halogen oven) which should do me until the weekend and I made some really delicious cream of tomato and lentil soup which I blogged about in Teacher's Recipes .  I've also just added the recipe for the cheese, ham and potato bake I made for my evening meal and the banana pancakes I had for breakfast. Do follow the link if you're interested.   I also managed several loads of washing and a bit of ironing yesterday so I think I'm definitely on the up, thank goodness.

Glancing out, it is lovely and sunny and the winds have died down.  How cheering to see the sun again.  What is also cheering is a quick glance around the living room as it isn't too messy and untidy so I won't have a big panic before my cleaning lady, Lenka, arrives tomorrow to work her fortnightly magic.  It's not totally tidy but it's all little things and will take around 30 mins of gentle pottering to sort it out - less time if I move faster!

Well, the decorations are due to come down in a few days.  I feel quite sad about that as what I get up is fairly minimal so doesn't make a mess.  Basically it is the tree, the crib and the candles.  I stick to red and gold so a little goes a long way.  Ah, well, the way time is flying it will be Christmas again in a few months' time.
The crib, bought when the children were very small and a tradition in itself.  Also a tradition is that the baby doesn't go in the manger until Christmas morning so SOMEone (not looking at anyone in particular, Beth) puts a wrapped sweet there instead!!

And I'd better get moving.  I'm being very lazy this holiday and need to bustle a bit more with the new term looming on the horizon.


Beth said...

It wasn't me. Nor was it me who put party poppers in the wise men's hands, or the sheep in the manger or or or... ahahaha. Yup, defo not me.

Joy said...

Of course not. Did I say it was????? How could you think such a thing!!!
J x