Thursday, 16 January 2014


Back to school yesterday was a bit of a mistake.  Interesting how wise we can be with hindsight.  I thought I was OK at the beginning of the day but it didn't take long before - well, no details, but by the end of the day I said I wouldn't be in tomorrow (today as it is now) so it's another day at home, hopefully recovering quickly.  I've actually had not a bad night.  Not good but not too bad either, so fingers crossed, please.  and oh, the guilt!  Seriously . . .

Children are still getting it, whatever 'it' is.  Not huge numbers now but a few at a time.  By the time this is over I wouldn't be surprised if just about all of them have been affected.  We're all taking hand washing, etc, very seriously now as you can imagine!



Annabeth said...

I'll lay of the ticking off .... but glad you are staying off (and stopping that bug for kicking off onto another unsuspecting person, so no guilt! you are doing your Community a service)
Take care and best wishes for a good recovery Ax

Sue Stelfox said...

An old friend of my who was a schoolteacher said the guilt of being off sick was awful. If I'm off sick, the work just piles up until I get back so no guilt there. But I guess as a teacher you know someone is having to fill in for you. But guilt won't make you better! Take it easy and I hope you really feel better soon, Joy.


Beth said...

I had to ride absolutely roughshod over Tracey once when I was her TA and she was sick... hoiked another TA into class and marched off to arrange her afternoon cover with the deputy- offering to do it myself if necessary. Then presented it to T as a fait accompli and pretty much ordered her home. She didn't seem to mind I must say!

I wonder if it might be worth taking Friday off too. It is obviously a very very nasty bug :(

Joy said...

It was a nasty bug, Beth, and it's now escaped and is spreading around the school, unfortunately. Well done for taking a firm line with Tracey!!
Sue, supplies take your class, yes, but the other part of teaching, the paperwork (which is not always just for the sake of it) mounts up and up and up. Still, I got a lot done so that's all to the good.
Thanks for defering the ticking off, Annabeth! :-) No need for it!
J x