Monday, 27 January 2014


Brrrr - it's rather cold outside and I have to do an afternoon playground duty.  I'm hoping it will have warmed up a bit by then.  Yesterday wasn't exactly cold but it sure was wet.  I got somewhat damp in the rush to the car after doing a small shop at Morrison's.  I'd run out of things like hair conditioner, etc.

After the shop (with Beth as she needed a few things too) we went back to mine for a chat and after Alex had finished karate we all went back to Beth's for lunch which was very simple: beans on toast with grated cheese on top but, as is often the case, the simplest things can be absolutely delicious and we all love beans on toast.

I had lots of fun with the kittens who are now delightfully sociable and waddle towards visitors squealing with delight and try to climb up your leg.  Those little claws are SHARP!!
I apologise for the picture quality.  They would not stay still, the light wasn't good and I didn't want to use a flash.
They are very lovely, aren't they.  Pure Tonkinese.

I'm not sure if I am taking my class today but everything is well prepared so no problems!  I love the feeling of being ready for them!

The weather is getting colder, I gather, with the possibility of a little snow later on in the week.  I don't think there's much chance of any here and it's supposed to be just a short cold snap before getting back to the rain, rain, rain.  No chance of any snow days this year!


Diane Epps said...

What lovely babies in the past I have had siamese cats which look fairly similar but I think they have different characters.

Sue Stelfox said...

Ah kittens ... I love kittens! :0)


Sonja said...

Beautiful photos of those gorgeous kittens! You must have had so much fun playing with them!
You are right about beans on toast, one of our all-time favourites, too!
It is a little colder here now, too, so we are hopeful that we might get some snow.
Take great care!

Joy said...

Tonks are very friendly people-cats. They have a lovely nature.
Lovely to hear from you, Sonja - hope things are going OK for you.
J x