Saturday, 4 January 2014


Left over fom the smoked salmon!
Well, it's still raining, still gusty at times although nothing worse than gusty though, thank goodness, still dull as ditchwater and very, very mild for the time of year but it's lovely and bright indoors.  The tree lights are on (I'm making the most of the sight as it all goes away tomorrow), I've turned the heating down as it was too warm which is one big advantage of the mild weather, my breakfast porridge is slowly cooking, there's a batch of dough rising steadily and sensibly and there's not an awful lot needs doing today as my lovely cleaning lady, Lenka, came yesterday and worked her usual magic!  What more could you ask of a last weekend before the new term starts, eh?

I'm being very good and sticking to my no spend pledge, more or less.  I did pop into Morrison's a few days ago as I needed milk, washing powder and carrots (can't manage without carrots!) but apart from that I am using what I have pretty well really.  As I have just bought a kindle, it is just as well I can and am saving in other directions, isn't it?

I have just braved the wind and rain and dashed out to the freezer to bring something in for my evening meal.  Some of my freezer stuff is very old and I have brought in some stew which is - well, I'm not going to say how old it is but I will thaw it, check, and if the texture is wrong, I will zizz it into a soup which should do nicely as it won't have gone 'bad', not in the freezer.  Nothing wrong with living on soups and I can wham in some cooked pasta to make it more substantial, if I wish.  If it is OK, I might strain off the gravy and make a pie/pasty or something of the kind.  Or I could slide in some spicy stuff and make it into a sort of curry-type thing.  Lots of options and I'm not sure which I fancy right now.

I think my main task today is to sort out one of my wardrobes.  There's stuff in there I won't ever wear again and it needs ditching.  Some of it is so very old it is almost falling to pieces.  I don't intend to go out so I might be incredibly lazy yet again and make it another PJ day; the third this week but dear me, what are holidays for if not for being very lazy?

Right, well, I think the porridge is ready, I need to check the rising dough and I think I will treat myself to proper coffee this morning so I'd better get going.
Have a safe, warm and dry day today, wherever you are.  Stay safe.


Beth said...

Mmmm, we're on the curry tonight. Already made, which means I can get on with my assignment today... ugh!

Joy said...

Curry sounds nice. Good luck with the assignment - hope it is going well!