Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday: The Very Last Day!

After the winds dropped and the skies cleared we had quite a chilly night and I woke to a frost this morning which was nice to see after so much damp dreariness.  Hopefully it won't have been bad enough to make the roads dangerous though.

Yesterday was a satisfyingly lazy day, punctuated by fun in the kitchen now and again.  Today is a family day and both my 'children' are round for lunch (and Alex, of course), so I'm looking forward to that.  The rest of the time will be spent making sure that I am fully prepared for tomorrow and the start of the new term.  I have just realised that this coming half term is my turn to be off morning playground duties, which is rather nice.

I've been busy in the kitchen checking the beef in the slow cooker, making Beth's vegetarian dinner, making the batter for the Yorkshires and, of course, making my breakfast.  Now I need to go up and get myself bathed and dressed.

Have a good day!

More Christmas photo, this one taken before the hoardes descended!


Diane Epps said...

It sounds to me as if you are a bit like me and get your best work done in your dressing gown!!!! have a lovely day

Joy said...

I think I do, Diane. It stops me from wandering in and out anyway!
J x