Wednesday, 15 January 2014


. . . and it's back to school I go this morning, thank goodness.  As we often say, it's bad luck that when we're off school it's because we are too unwell to enjoy being off school.  How true.

I've not enjoyed the last few days but I guess you could say that they have been very successful on the frugality side of life.  Unfortunately, it's all been counter balanced by the fact that there is now stuff in the fridge that needs throwing out, darn it.

Today is, I hope, a full day in class.  No time out, no cover for anything, just me and my poppets.  Looking forward to it.  Not quite so much looking forward to staff meeting afterwards but there you go, rough and smooth go together.

Have a great day, everyone!


Sonja said...

Oh good, you sound so much better! What a relief! :o)
Lovely that you have your class for the whole day!
Yes, it's a shame about food which needs to be thrown away, but it is unavoidable with having been as unwell as you have been.
Hope you have a lovely day and please do take great care!

sweffling said...

So pleased you are feeling better. How miserable it must have been. Don't overdo it too soon though:)

Joy said...

Well, as you know, it wasn't quite the end!

Yesd, a shame about the food but that's life sometimes. Never mind!

J x