Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Good morning to half way through the week!  Cold and damp outside but seeing as I don't intend to do outside all that much today, no problems.

Yesterday morning I was at training for the TAs and LSAs.  it was all about asking questions and it was very, very good indeed.  The afternoon was PPA but I had to look through a short stack of applications for a job after the deputy head had sorted through them and made notes, after which we compared findings and shortlisted.  It took for ever but it was gratifying to see how close our views were.  Interviews are next week.

Today I have my class.  All day.  Looking forward to it very much indeed.


sweffling said...

I am surprised by the amount of paperwork and continuing training that seems to be involved in teaching nowadays. Changed times!

Joy said...

Well, the training is a good thing to keep one up todate and - well - paperwork is essential when you have a rather large pile of applications for a job. At least most of them had been sifted out before I got to see them!!!
J x