Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Brrrr - it's jolly cold outside but at least it isn't foggy any more.  At some point yesterday evening I ventured out to the shed and got quite a surprise when I realised there was fog.  Not terribly bad fog but more than a light mist.  That's gone but there is a frost.

Over the weekend I had a go at making non-egg pasta, just to see how it went and as a sort of early preparation for LBTL - not that I will necessarily make my own pasta that week but you never know!  I froze it in portions and had some yesterday evening.  Egg pasta is nicer, there's no doubt about that, but it really wasn't too bad at all.  Just plain flour (no faffing with pasta flour when it's an exercise in frugality), water and oil.  I think I added too much water as the dough really was too soft but once I have finished what I've made I will have another go and reduce the amount of water I add.

I've now finished simmering the remains of the turkey leg and there's a rich, dark, hopefully delicious stock (rather a lot of it) cooling in a bowl.  It should have cooled enough to go into the fridge before it's time to go to school and in the evening I can lift off the dripping (there's not much but I'm not going to waste it) and deal with the stock.

School is fine.  Some are still away but most are back.  It felt like the first normal day since the first day of term so I made the most of it!  Poor children!  Today is coordinator time and PPA.  From the point of view of planning, monitoring, etc, it makes sense for my cover teacher to have her range of subjects that she teaches every week so I don't take my class for outdoor games, RE or music, which is a shame but much more easily organised.

Right, well, better finish off my first coffee of the day and get going.  I'm still usually on decaf although once a week I do treat myself to a pot of real fresh coffee which is wonderful.  I still remember how hard LBTL was those first few days without caffeine.  There shouldn't be that problem this year.

Have a great day!

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