Wednesday, 10 April 2013


A gift from the friend who came round for dinner on Monday.  Aren't they lovely?
After all the cancelling and rescheduling yesterday, it stayed fine, the sun came out for a while and we could have gone to Hyde Hall.  Ho hum.  Never mind, I managed to make a good start on a little cardigan I am knitting for a new born niece of a friend (any excuse).  It's one I've been wanting to knit for a while, very pretty and not too complicated (although I did make a dire error yesterday and had to unpick).

I had a go at the wholemeal and was extremely pleased with the results.  It looks as if my bad luck with wholemeal bread has come to an end because yesterdays efforts were most successful.  I had an unhealthy bread, butter and cheese tea and mmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .
As I said over on TsRs, making your own bread really is a most frugal option and a delicious one too.   It's hard to fit into a working lifestyle, I know, but perfectly possible if one is at home for whatever reason.  Apart from the fact that you need to be around at key points, it just about takes care of itself, especially if one has a Thermione (or the like) to take the hard work out of the kneading.
I remember, many years ago, a friend who had seven children.  She also had a 'chef', a really good machine with a bread hook and all, which she used every day to make all their bread.  As she said, it saved an absolute fortune over the weeks and months, not to mention tasting great!

Apart from the knitting and the bread making, I had a very quiet and  lazy day (again).  I tell myself that it's holiday and I am regathering my strength and energy for the summer term but, in reality, I'm just being idle, pure and simple!  And very nice it is too.

This morning I have a couple of friends around for coffee.  They've both been year one colleagues so we should have loads to talk about, one way and another.  One of them has just come back from three months in Australia, so there should be some great photos to look at and stories to hear.

Also, I'd like to get the cardigan finished.  I should do.  The back is almost finished and I am doing both fronts at the same time - one set of needles, two balls of yarn.  I always do that now for anything where there are two parts - cardi fronts, sleeves, etc.  That way you ensure both are the same and it saves a lot of row counting.

Better go and make breakfast.  I have plenty of bread and plenty of good fresh eggs, bought from a friend who keeps chickens, so I think scrambled eggs is on the menu.  Yum!

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