Monday, 8 April 2013


Good morning, everyone.  Would you believe I have the stairway window open?  OK, it's not too warm but there's no frost and it's not unbearable.  Yesterday I had the French window open for a while to refresh the house, and it was lovely!  I'm hoping today is similar.

I managed to finish the little waistcoat off yesterday, all but the buttons which I need to buy, and have decided to make another blanket.  I have the yarn from the other one although I will need to get some more of the edging colour.  I do love the one I made and as there's another baby due in the summer it's a good opportunity to make another one with plenty of time to get it done.  Granny squares are really lovely.

Minus buttons, of course!
Because I need both yarn and buttons, I feel a virtual trip to Deramore's coming on.  Knitting and crochet is such fun.  I will also wander over to Ravelry to take a look at their free patterns, some of which are extremely good.  Several years ago now I internet searched for free knitting patterns and there was very, very little about.  Now there's so many that one almost doesn't need to buy a pattern any more.  The main problem is when they use unattainable yarn so one has to check the tension carefully and maybe adapt a little bit.  Or even quite a lot!

This evening I have a friend round for dinner.  Given that I did the curry meal on Friday, today it is a most unauthentic lasagne with salad and garlic bread with a white chocolate cheesecake for  dessert (I hope).  I've not made this cheesecake before so fingers crossed.  If it works OK I will share it.  if not - I won't!!!  The base is already made so I will make the top this morning and if it's a disaster there's time to make or buy something else.

I'm pootling over to TsRs to enter the balti recipe I made last week so, if you're interested, do use the link to pop over and take a look.


Dianeuk said...

What a lovely waist coat most impressive in the basket weave pattern

Joy said...

It's actually very easy. Assuming a multiple of 8 stitches . . .
Row 1: Purl 5; knit 3; repeat to end.
Row 2: Purl 3; knit 5; repeat to end
Row 3: As row 1
Row 4: Purl

Row 5: purl 1; [knit 3, purl 5]as many times as needed; (it will be p4 at the end)
Row 6: Same as last row but where knit, do purl and where purl, do knit
Row 7: As row 5
Row 8: Purl.

It's easy to adjust so the the sides balance.

J x