Thursday, 25 April 2013


I was right about yesterday, it turned out to be a lovely day.  Sunny and bright and with increasing warmth as the day went on.  Unfortunately, it also became more humid which wasn't so pleasant, but never mind.

Several bottles of wine, choccies and a big bunch of flowers came my way.  I was able to share the choccies round at staff meeting (thanks, Mandy!) and the flowers and wine are now in their rightful places (vase and fridge).  That's that for another year now!

Today is Thursday, the day I have my class all day.  I always love Thursdays.  The science investigations are going well and the children are fascinated by what's happening.  They'll find it even more exciting next week when they paint their bean seeds and start keeping a diary of what is happening.

It's interesting to note their varied responses to the investigations.  You can see those who have a scientific inclination in the way they predict, justify, show awareness of what we're actually testing/finding out and how well they base their conclusion on that.  I've made copious notes that will feed into the end of year report.  Although the girls tended to predict 'prity flars' (totally irrelevant) more than the boys, the gender split for promising scientific prediction and conclusion is about 50-50.  A shame it seems to change significantly as they get older - or does it nowadays?  I don't know.  Now that there is far more equal opportunity, perhaps it doesn't so much.

Today is Finding Out If The Cress Seeds Have Germinated day - they have, thank goodness.  I expect that there will be a lot of hovering around the seeds, magnifying glass in hand, looking with excited fascination at those tiny little emerging roots.  Awe and wonder.

It makes teaching such fun (but don't tell the government or they will try to stop it)!


Dianeuk said...

When I was teaching I used to run a weekend course for those with no science background. We had great fun with diffusion and osmosis experiments but it was very hard work as I was the only teacher and adults are full of questions that are not always easy to answer but I learned early on the if you dont know dont fudge it you just make yourself look stupid.

Joy said...

My littlies sometimes ask questions that I know they won;t understand the answer to or that I know I cannot explain fully. If that's the case I give a simple version and I tell them they will learn that in Y4 or whenever. Or I tell them it's a great question and challenge them to find out the answer at home because I'm not really sure. They love telling teacher!!

J x