Thursday, 11 April 2013


Suddenly I blink and the holiday is nearly over.  Today, tomorrow and then it's the weekend and then it's the start of the new term.  Eeeeeek!

We have finally had the rain that has been predicted.  It started yesterday evening and it is still raining now.  Luckily, I hadn't planned to go anywhere that relied on fine weather so that's OK.  There are two main things today - into school (booooo) and Dave and Anna round for dinner tonight.

I didn't finish the cardigan yesterday as I'd hoped.  I'm nearly there but there were a few tricky bits that needed unpicking and redoing and that took time.  It's looking pretty though and another trip to Hobbycraft is needed, to buy the button.  What hardship, eh?

It was lovely catching up with June and Liz's news and we had a great old natter yesterday morning.  Seeing old friends is lovely and we three go back a very long way.  Our children are all more or less the same age and all went to the school that we teach/taught at so there's a lot of shared background.

For Anna and Dave's visit this evening I plan to do the following
Slow roasted leg of lamb
Roast potatoes
Autumnal spiced plums and cream
Nothing terribly different or challenging but all very tasty.  And then my meals for the next umpteen days will be based around lamb!  This particular leg of lamb was originally destined for the Sunday before Christmas, with the family round but, when Christmas was cancelled, it ended up in the freezer.  Definitely time to use it!

It may still be cold and wet outside but the garden is awakening.  Here's some snaps.

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