Friday, 19 April 2013

It's hard being a head teacher

Our literacy focus has been poetry this week, based on a very simple little patterned poem entitled 'Walking round the Zoo'

Walking Round the Zoo

Walking round the zoo
What did I see?
An elephant that waved
Its trunk at me.

Walking round the zoo
What did I see?
A parrot that squawked
And winked at me.

Walking round the zoo
What did I see?
A crocodile that snapped
Its jaws at me.

Walking round the zoo
What did I see?
A monkey that pointed
And laughed at me!

Nice, isn't it?  Just right for Y1.  Lots of basic features, patterns and a simple structure.
We have been working on an adaptation entitled 'Going round the school' based on ways of moving (to link with science), adults in the school and what they might do.
The idea was to think of simple characteristics of each adult and base the action on them.
Such as:

Skipping round the school
Who did I see?
Mrs Clark
Who smiled at me.
(yes, I do smile quite a lot)
Etc . . .

So , inevitably, during the discussion someone mentioned our very popular head, a superb musician who sings like an angel, plays the piano brilliantly and conducts amazingly well.  
So in all innocence I asked the children:
'And what does Mrs E do really, really well', expecting something based on music, such as 'Who sings to me.' or 'Who plays to me'

The response came promptly
'Telling us off'!!!!!

Poor S.  All that talent and ability condensed into three words.  And it isn't even true - she's lovely!

As were their poems.  

And now it's the weekend!

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