Monday, 29 April 2013


After such a cold day yesterday (or so it felt to me), today has started off mild but dull.  It might have felt colder than it really was because I was a bit shivery with this cold anyway.  It was also a day of incidents.  Firstly, I was making some tomato soup and decided to shut the kitchen door to avoid the cooking smells travelling around.  That was fine; the problem was when I tried to open it again.  It wouldn't open.  The handle went down, the latch stayed firmly closed.  Ho hum!  Fortunately I'd not long been to the loo (sorry but that can be a pressing concern in situations like this) and more fortunately, Beth and Alex were doe to arrive for lunch at some point.  With that reassurance I set to and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . doesn't time go slowly sometimes?  I did some washing up, sorted out stuff, got lunch ready . . . and waited . . .
I had no idea of the time and it seemed very late so in the end I called Jenni next door over to the window (they were outside greeting a guest), her husband came to the back door which, fortunately, I had left unlocked, tried the kitchen door from the other side and hey presto, it opened easily.  Phew!  Soon after that Beth and Alex arrived so I didn't need to have bothered my lovely neighbours but never mind, it was nice to be free again.  If I could have climbed out of the kitchen window I would have, but the gap was too small (or no, to be quite honest, I am too big).

So we set to and had lunch and, in a careless moment, my fork slid across my plate and deposited half my cheg and salad in my lap.  Honestly, it really wasn't my day, was it?

Today is back to school, of course and we will be planting runner beans.  I can imagine the excitement!  I wonder if the cress seeds will have lasted the weekend out or whether they will have dried out and died.  We will see.

I've posted a recipe in TsRs for butterbean crumble.


Dianeuk said...

There are definitely days when you would be safer in bed. I have days like that when everything I touch falls apart or on the floor.

Joy said...

I'm finding they are increasing as I get older. However, the kitchen door wasn't my 'fault' as such, although the dinner in lap certainly was!!!

J x

Katy Board said...

I'm glad you got the door sorted, Joy :)
Ours sticks like that occasionally, and we find we have to tighten up certain screws before it behaves again {grin}

I've just saved your delicious-looking Butterbean crumble, as both hubby and I love butterbeans, and this looks like a lovely way to eat them again :)

Joy said...

I was rather glad too, Katy, thanks. If not, Keith (or another lovely neighbour) would have needed to force it open and that might have been rather more expensive to repair!

I'm going to make one of those old fashioned things that hangs from handle to handle to prevent the door from closing. At the moment I have the Dyson in front of it and I keep tripping over it!!! (the Dyson, not the door!!)

Joy said...

Sorry, Katy, I realised I didn't answer your other bit. The butter bean crumble was really delicious and I will definitely make it again. Healthy and frugal too so what's not to like? The second of the two portions is for tonight and I'm adding some bacon to it for a bit of meat, meat being something I reckon I am going to miss quite a lot to start with.

J x