Sunday, 14 April 2013


Apologies for the lateness of this entry.  It's been quite a busy day, one way and another, and I wanted to have this photo ready for uploading.

Here you go - I made it and it's quite nice.  DD doesn't like the colours.  I don't think they're that bad but the vivid colours are better, I think, and the yellow looks a bit startling in this photo.  But the overall effect is lovely.  What do you think?

The yarn should be cotton - that would fall a lot better.  I've looked around for cotton yarn and cannot find a range that has enough really toning colours so I might have to do a colour repeat rather than have all differents - assuming I find an excuse to make another one, of course.

I also think that it could be made into a lovely 'pinafore' top by lengthening it and probably starting the sleeves a bit further down.  The opening would be at the back and where the sleeves start it would be worked as a round (although part of the pattern is worked on the wrong side that would still have to happen.

Ideas, ideas.


Dianeuk said...

I think it looks great. Did you find the pattern easy enough to follow?

Joy said...

Once I had sussed out the diagrammatic element of it, yes, I did. I'm used to reading crochet instructions written out as knitting patterns are.
In fact, I ceased to follow it once I had sorted out the basic shaping so I have no idea if the way I did the sleeves is 'correct', but it worked. That's the main thing.

J x

Beth said...

Ah, I didn't say I didn't like the colours, but I do feel such a dramatic shape/ design needs more dramatic, intense colours.

Joy said...

Sorry, OK, wot she said, everyone. :0)

J x