Thursday, 18 April 2013

More Thursday

Following on from earlier . . . little Smarty Pants got his come-uppance today when the heavens opened just before home time - thunder, lightning, lashing rain, wind and what looked like hail for about ten seconds.

He looked exceedingly worried, bless him.


JuliesMum said...

What is it about children and coats? I seem to spend half my life nagging my children about taking (and wearing) coats. Since they are now teenagers, I can see this continuing for years to come.

Joy said...

Oh, yes! It's a common battleground and a comparatively harmless one too. If it wasn't for the fact that they aren't allowed back in after they have gone out (until the end of play), I'd give them more choice in the coldest days - that way they would learn faster. However, I can't have them shivering all play (or lunchtime) because they made the wrong decision because the hounds of hell would descend upon me in the form of parental wrath!!!!
(I'm not insinuating anything about my current parents here, who are, without a single exception, lovely and supportive people, I hasten to add)

J x