Friday, 26 April 2013


After another beautifully sunny day yesterday, I woke to rain this morning.  Sad, but it was to be expected and the garden needed a watering.  It looks as if it is determined to hang around for the morning at least which means rows of damp wellies in the classroom and dripping coats crowding out the grossly undersized hanging space that we have to use.

As I expected, yesterday was exciting.  We discovered that water is the crucial thing for seeds to germinate, we discovered that being in the dark isn't a problem and we found that not only had most of the seeds split and funny little white things were coming out (worms, said one imaginative little lad) but also that there was one that had little green things as well.
I am most appreciative of the technology that enabled me to take a close up photo, upload it to my laptop, crop off the non-essentials and show it, extra large, on the interactive white board to gasps of amazement all round.  We came to the conclusion that we were looking at tiny little roots and leaves and I delivered an impromptu lesson about why the roots come first and why they grow down while the shoots grow up!
It was all so interesting that I totally forgot to deliver the afternoon phonic lesson and didn't realise until I was writing up my evaluations after the children had gone home.  Ooops!!  Given that this is a daily lesson, deeply ingrained in the subconsciousness of all infant teachers in the school, it shows how exciting it all was.

Today we are all invited to June's for lunch.  June was my Y1 colleague last year who retired at Christmas.  This week she took possession of a Thermomix!  It's jolly nice to have someone close by who has one and I'm looking forward to seeing hers (not that it will look any different to mine but you know what I mean).

And now I am off to get ready for school.  Have a good day, rain or no rain!


Dianeuk said...

It is raining here too but as you rightly say the garden needs it. Do let us know what delights are produced by your friends thermomix all recipes are welcome!!!!

sweffling said...

No rain here yet and everything is sooo dry! What a lovely day you and the children had yesterday. You sound such an inspiring teacher, I wish you had been mine:)

Joy said...

I will, Diane, if I get any. She's had it for just four days and used it every single day so far.
I don't know about inspiring, Sweffling, but I do try and we sometimes have a lot of fun. I think the spontaneous lessons are often the best, but OFSTED would not be happy!
J x

sweffling said...

Rude gesture to OFSTED!! That's why a human teacher is so important, instead of merely some computer:)

Joy said...

LOL to Sweffling. I totally agree, of course. :-)

J x