Monday, 1 April 2013


. . . and a very happy April Fools Day to all my readers.  May you not get caught out too many times.

While I was checking the spam comments to delete any that had arrived, one caught my eye - someone offering to help me arrange my wedding in Delhi.  Er . . . not today, thanks!  Do people really respond to spam like this?  Is it really worth the trouble?  I suppose it must be or they wouldn't do it.

Anyway, on to more pleasant things.  Yesterday was great.  i made Mary Berry's Victoria sponge recipe, adapted for Thermione, and it came out beautifully.  I made a flapjack recipe, also adapted, and that worked very well too.  I made some more Hollywood bread - two mini-bloomers this time - and while the shape wasn't particularly great the flavour and texture was wonderful - and I made up a plum sauce for my lamb, using the leftovers from the Autumnal spiced plums recipe I made last week and this last is the one I've chosen to post on TsRs today.  It was really tasty, I thought, so worth sharing.  With the bread, the cake, the flapjacks and sundry chocolate based ovoid things hanging around, Alex won't go hungry during his few days with me.

I've also been knitting.  It makes a change from the crochet and it's for a new born (to come) so is very quick to make.  I'm on the second sleeve band now and then just have the button and button hole bands to make before I go out on a button hunt (could that possibly be to Hobbycraft, one of my all time favourite places?  Yes, perhaps it could!).

The bed cover is coming along but I'm at the stage where it never seems to grow any bigger!  Anyone undertaking a big project like this will know what I mean.  Here's a photo although the colours are not good. the pinks are too pink and stand out more than they do  really.

And now I'm off into the kitchen to get breakfast, tidy the place up and generally get ready for Alex's arrival!  Fun times.


Dianeuk said...

The victoria looks great the only problem is if I make one I also eat it!!!

Joy said...

A big disadvantage, I know, Diane. However, with Alex here, that's not going to be a problem. He's already on his second slice. I think he thinks I don't notice him disappearing into the kitchen!

J x