Sunday, 8 July 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After yesterday's mega efforts, today's entry will be a lot shorter!  Apart from anything else, I'm off for an early morning swim at 7:45.

Phew, I think yesterday was the hottest yet and humid as well.  I dug out the fan from the guest room so there's now two downstairs and it was fine as long as I stayed in that sort of area.  Overnight, things seemed to cool off a lot, thankfully, and I slept well.

Beth didn't come over.  She felt very weak and woolly and just not with it properly and she stayed home to rest.  A shame, but there will be other opportunities

When I looked at the 'cucumber' plant yesterday, it wasn't, it was another courgette.  I neither want nor need another courgette so I'm back at the starting post with those arbour pots but I'm thinking lavender now - that would do for several years before getting too leggy and woody and the fragrance would be great.

I started the seat cushion.  I've had the foam pad since last year, made to measure, and the fabric is old bedroom curtains; they're somewhat faded in parts but that's not a problem.  It's all measured out now and tacked up.  I shall properly sew along the side and one end and the other end I will hand stitch so it is easily undone and removed for washing at the end of each summer, I think.
Now I have to decide whether to make scatter cushions in a toning colour, contrasting colour or use the same fabric (I have quite a lot more).  I have old cushion pads that do need using so I think I'll go with using the same fabric in the interests of frugality and conservation.  Although I do rather fancy making some with machine patchwork - perhaps one side patchwork and the other side old curtains!
Maybe I could make some bunting too!  That would be fun!
Note to self - go through fabric stash.

Today will be more of the same, I think. 
I've just been out to pick my breakfast blueberries and I shall have them when I come back from swimming.
There's no way I am going to risk the garden centre today; the lavender will just have to wait.  Beth and Jane are going to water the allotment today so I don't have to worry about that and there's only a bit of weeding, etc, to do at home, should I feel like it, before the evening watering.
I have some tuition planning but not an awful lot.
I'll get the sewing machine out and get that seat cushion made and I will go through my pile of fabrics to see if there's anything I can use.
And I will take it easy and stay as cool as I can.
Sounds like a plan!

Take care, everyone.


  1. It sounds like a very good plan! I hope you have a lovely day x

  2. It sounds as though you have a plan!
    Lavender would be lovely in your tubs.
    I cut my lavender hard back every year even though all the advice is not to.
    In this way I have had the same plants for 16 years now without them becoming leggy.
    This may not work in your area because you have far more frost than we do.
    The smell and buzz of bees would be wonderful.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Lavender sounds perfect - you'll get a lovely colour against the blue and a heavenly smell.
    Like Beachcomber I cut back my Lavender in pots in Spring but then put the pots in a warm dappled shadier place for a week or two out of any hot sun. I add a top dressing of fine manure (the sort you buy in bags from the garden centre - not the kind you find fresh on the road) in the top of the pots and water well each day. This seems to help them to sprout from the base again. Once it has new regrowth bring it back into full sun.
    I am sure whichever fabric you choose will look charming. Have a good day enjoy your swim.

  4. Thanks, ladies. Thanks for the brilliant advice. I have made a note of it in my garden and allotment diary so I won't forget.

  5. Joy, you are much more industrious than we are this hot weather! It is all I can do to get up, shower, and sit in the garden! But oh, how we will remember fondly this summer when we are so cooolllld in winter!
    Margaret P

  6. Hi Joy thankyou for your comment on the old blog, if you click on this you can find me.
    M x

  7. Many thanks, M.

    Margaret, I totally agree. Something to remember with pleasure in the next freezing spell! :-)