Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's a very lovely early morning with a faintly pink sky that looks encouraging for a fine day to come.  Here's hoping, because I gather there's another, shorter blast of cold air coming our way from the east again over this next weekend.  I do hope not but we will see if the beast has reproduced or not.

As expected, yesterday was a very pleasant day.  I got bits and bobs done, sorted out a few more of my old clothes, put some in the washing basket for refreshing (so now I have plenty of washing to be getting on with), cooked and dealt with one of the chickens and generally pottered around gently.  Just what I needed!

Today is perhaps a little busier but not too much so.  There's that washing to get done and in the afternoon I'm helping in Y1 before a spot of tuition and a nice, gentle evening.

My mini-daffs are looking lovely.  A very cheering sight after some dull and bleak times.

Have a lovely day!


Sooze said...

Oh I just love Spring bulbs, so bright and cheery even when the weather's not great. Spring is my favourite time of year.

Jules said...

The Daffodils are lovely. After the Wintry weather it's so nice to see some colour at last. X

Joy said...

Yellow isn't my favourite colour but I love daffodil yellow. It sings! :-)
J x

Annabeth said...

They do gladden the heart!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very pleasant day indeed.
The daffodils are absolutely beautiful! Such a lovely splash of colour!
Have a lovely day.
Love, S. xxx

Joy said...

Thanks, Annabeth and S. They are a lovely sight.
J x

Franny And Danny said...

Hey Joy,

I’m a teacher too. Maybe five years before being a retired one, three if I’m lucky.

Joy said...

It's a great th9ng to be and I did a year more than I needed to, but one does slow down and also I got a bit cynical about 'new' strategies that didn't work the last time they came around. Not terribly helpful for the school so I decided to call it a day. I was lucky to be asked to do a day a week for half of the next school year and be offered supply. That weaned me off gently and it was good because I did love my work. A little bit of tuition, my granny helping and being a governor keeps me in contact with a very lovely school.
I've been very lucky.
J x

Sharon Koole said...

Wow! Lovely to see the daffs out. It will be a while until they come out here. I can hardly wait. The woods where I walk is usually covered in them. If it were up to me I'd rename the place Daffodil Woods. Hope your day was great!

Joy said...

It was a lovely day, thanks, Sharon. I think the mini-daffs must be an early variety as they are always out well before the bigger ones and before the hyacinths. They are a picture this year, better than I can ever remember.

Your woods sound beautiful. They must make walking such a pleasure.
J x

galant said...

Oh, those daffodils are lovely, Joy, what a sight for sore-winter-eyes!
Margaret P

Joy said...

I agree with you, they really are. The world is growing colourful again.
J x