Thursday, 29 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It ain't 'arf cold out there this morning.  Frosty and there's ice on the water in the bucket.  I've just shivered my way out to the freezer and back in again to get the food I need for the day.  Mind you, the sun looks promising at the moment so maybe it will be a more pleasant day today and one can always wear hat, scarf and gloves, if necessary!

Yesterday was full but pretty relaxing.  Family assembly was lovely, reading with 1 was fun and the Y3/4 Easter show was absolutely amazing.  Tuition was great too.  So no complaints about yesterday whatsoever!

Today I feel energetic again so am intending to spend time in the garden to do what I should have done on Tuesday.  I don't mind cold - after all,. gardening warms one up - but if it rains I won't go out.  Fair weather gardener, that's me!
And that's about it, with some tuition early evening.  I shall indulge in my daily dose of River Cottage and the cleaner is coming today instead of tomorrow this week.
It should be a good day!

What are your plans for today?


Sooze said...

So you're retired, but you spent the whole of yesterday doing 'teacher' things?! Lol.

I too am a fair weather gardener - oh, and dog walker, Betty (who doesn't really mind any weather) gets walked by OH when it's raining or there's a freezing cold wind. Bless him.

Joy said...

LOL - put like that it sounds daft, doesn't it? Two of the three were 'governor responsibilities' though - which reminds me - I need to write a well done thing for the newsletter! :-)
J x

Joy said...

SHould also have said, you seem to have OH well trained. Good for you! :-)
J x

galant said...

Our plans for today, Joy, are simple ... grandson is coming to tea. He phoned us up on Tuesday (he's not yet five!) and said, "Can I come to tea?" so we agreed that he could come today. I asked him what he would like? So he said "Pancakes!" So that is what we shall cook!
Margaret P

Joy said...

Oh, how lovely is that! Have a wonderful time.
We grandparents are very fortunate and blessed, aren't we?
J x

Sharon Koole said...

You're braver than me - getting out in the garden when it's chilly. Everything here is still so brown - even the grass. I suppose once it cheers up a little it might be easier to get out there and sort some things out.

Joy said...

Out in the sun it was really lovely. I had warm clothes on and my gardening gloves and I was comfortable. Maybe it's milkder here and my garden is sheltered by the house next door.
J x