Saturday, 24 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to the weekend, even if it is rather dull and damp after overnight rain.

Yesterday was one of  those days when it seemed quite busy but afterwards it felt like I hadn't done very much.  I did a bit more cleaning out but not an awful lot and I think I shall have to make bookshelf space in the smallest bedroom before I can do much more in my bedroom.

Today, I think, is more of the same.  Not terribly exciting really but it keeps things ticking over and it's quite satisfying in a way.

I was thinking, it's about time I paid another visit to Hyde Hall.  The bulbs should all be out and looking lovely.  Maybe next week at some point, if I can fit it in.  If not, maybe the following week.  I wonder if I can walk up the hill without getting so puffed out this time. 

Have a lovely day.

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