Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's rather damp in these parts today.  Misty and drizzle - mizzly, my mum used to call it - and the forecast isn't great!  Oh, well, let's be glad it isn't snow!

It was a very pleasant evening here with Beth yesterday.  She is getting on with her quilt really well and should have finished it in a couple of weeks' time.  While we chatted, I got on with some knitting which I then had to undo because I'd used the wrong size needles.  Doh!

Today is busier,  Reading with Y1 this afternoon, then tuition, then a governor's meeting, so I must print off the paperwork this morning.  It shouldn't last too long though - I hope not, anyway, because I will leave my dinner until after the meeting.

This is short and sweet today so have a good Wednesday and stay dry!


  1. Hope your day is going well - sounds very busy indeed.
    What a nuisance about having to undo your knitting! I admire your being able to knit the way you do, I am all fingers and thumbs with it! :o)
    What's for dinner when you get back?
    Love, S.

  2. :-) It serves me right for not checking really. I soon made good what I needed to undo!
    Dinner is chicken tikka with a salad. I was going to have rice too but I probably won't now. :-)
    J x