Thursday, 8 March 2018


Good morning, everyone. 
Yesterday ended up very pleasantly with sunshine and mildness which was very cheering and good to see.  Ten minutes ago it looked very promising for today too but I've just looked out of the window and it's absolutely chucking it down!  Ah, well, at least I don't have to go into town this morning. 

My foray into town yesterday was most successful.  I strolled around the new Cotswold Company shop which had some fabulous stuff (for fabulous prices) and looking around gave me ideas for my smallest bedroom if the measurements work out (which they probably won't as it is a very small room.  That room does need decorating and there are now only two rooms with artex ceilings, that bedroom and the bathroom so that needs doing.  I'm having the bathroom done at some point this year which just leaves that room.  It's an awfully cluttered little room and, despite a cull of books (charity shop, mostly) I still have way too many so must get my act together.

I know - how can you have too many books?  Maybe it's just that the room is too small but there's nowhere else really.  If I wasn't someone who goes back and re-read again and again, it would be easier.  Maybe I just need to stop wimping!

Anyway, back to the point, after that I went to the White Company to replace that towel as the money was through from Premier Inn and, to my delights, not only did I have a £10 voucher, some towels were significantly reduces so I managed to get two jumbo towels for the price of one and, even with a room spray added, I still paid less that I'd got as a refund, so I went into Debenhams and treated myself to a small, ceramic quiche dish that I have coveted on many an occasion.  I shall use it - I'm using it today!

Then it was home, James, to a quick lunch and then off to school to hear reading followed by tuition followed by the governors' meeting which went on until past half past eight.  I also managed to get the new towels washed and dried so they are now ready for use.

I slept well!

Today is much easier.  Planning and tuition!  River Cottage is back so I will have some telly and knitting time and I have a spot of washing, drying and ironing to do before the weekend.  Living the good life, eh?

But first I must have my bath and christen one of my new towels.


Sooze said...

Big fluffy towels are one of life's pleasures, aren't they?

Joy said...

Oh, that's for sure! I just love my big towels and also, when I was a lot bigger, they were the only ones that would go right round me. Now that's not the case but I love them so much!
J x

Jules said...

I really need to purchase some new towels. Mine have seen better days but I never seem to get around to replacing them. You're a brave woman to venture into a Cotswald Company shop. I always want to buy everything!
Hope the towel lived up to expectation. X

Joy said...

Oh, I did, Jules, I did. Some of their china is fabulous! It's a very tactile place.
The towel was gorgeous, thanks! :-)
J x

Sharon Koole said...

I have too many books. I just have trouble sorting through the ones that I don't want to read again. Sometimes it seems like giving away a good friend. I would say I need a bigger house, but I really need less books!

Joy said...

I totally understand! I think every house should come with a Room of Requirement!
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

The absolute best feeling in the world is finally getting one's mitts on summat one's had one's eye on for a while!!

Joy said...

It did feel really good. :-)
J x