Monday, 5 March 2018


A very good morning to you all.  It's sunny, really, properly sunny not just sun trying to peep through like yesterday.  After a promising start, it clouded over and rainer quite heavily for the rest of the day but at least it cleared the remains of the snow completely and this morning it is so mild I don't even need slippers on.

As I expected, it was a very gentle and lazy day.  I dozed, watched telly (back to back River Cottage programmes, three cheers), knitted and generally wasted my time.  Very nice it was too.

Today, unfortunately, I have woken up with an upset tum.  Very rare nowadays although I used to get what was going round in the class a fair bit before retirement.  I was due in school today, with FS, but, as they had a dreadful to-do with sickness and diarrhoea earlier in the year when almost half the children were off and they had to put 'measures' in place, I don't think I would be very welcome so I have emailed to cancel.

I'm still feeling weary so will take it easy and, hopefully, will feel loads better by lunchtime.  Fingers crossed!


Annabeth said...

Oh dear, dire rear and upset tummies ain't fun at all! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. x

Joy said...

Thanks, Annabeth. It will clear up soon, I am sure. Just one of those things.
J x

Diane said...

The sooner you get that gallbladder sorted the better. being unwell is just miserable.

Sooze said...

Hope you feel better soon, Joy.

Joy said...

Thanks, Diane and Sooze. I'm still waiting for a date so fingers crossed it comes soon. However, I suspect the problem today was too much chewing gum yesterday! Serves me right!
J x

Sharon Koole said...

Glad the sun was shining! Feel better soon.