Saturday, 17 March 2018


It's funny, this blogging things, isn't it?  The chances of ever meeting those whose blogs you read and follow are minimal but, over the days, weeks, comments and replies, you feel a liking, you engage with them, in a way you empathise.  There's definitely a friendly relationship going on there.  I'm sure some of you will know exactly what I mean.

And then it stops.

Several months ago, Frugal Queen suddenly shut up shop and disappeared.  Now, I didn't really feel any sort of 'friendship' with Jane, it isn't something she really encouraged, but I enjoyed her some of her entries and admired the way she pulled her life together and helped others to do the same.

Now someone else has stopped blogging.  I don't know why and I'm certainly not nosey enough to ask around; that's her business and I am sure there are clear and important reason, but there's a great sense of loss in me at the moment.  S, whatever the reason, thanks for sharing your home and life, for all the advice, info, accounts, recipes, photos and everything else that made your blog such a delight to read each day.

Be happy.  Have a good life.

I hope she reads this.


  1. Yes, I was just thinking the same. My only wish is that I hope they’re all right.

  2. I promise that if I decide to stop writing and it has crossed my mind, I will say goodbye first.

  3. I so hope you don't, Diane, i would miss your posts so much, but we could keep up to date on Facebook, I guess.
    J x

  4. Hello,
    Your post made me stop lurking and take the time to comment. I read your blog daily and I enjoy it very much. I started reading when you were still teaching. I am a school counselor in the USA and have been working in svhools for 21 years. That is why I started reading your blog because I enjoyed hearing about the things you did in your day. We slso have a love for food in common so I still very much enjoy your blog. I follow many blogs and was a follower of Froogs and Sue. Froogs was a bit tempermental at times so I guess her closing up shop did not come as a huge shock. Sue did, at least to me. I just loved her rations series and will miss reading all of her posts. I am glad she at least said goodbye and didnt just hit delete with no warning. I certainly hope you dont close up shop anytime soon. Anyways, I wanted to let you know your writing and lovely sunny personality are very much appreciated.

    1. Joy, I apologize for the typos in my comment above. I typed it on my phone without my glasses. Not a good idea, LOL.

  5. It's such a shame when people who blog regularly suddenly stop. And yes, you do hope everything is OK for them. X

  6. I too enjoyed Frugal Queens blog and thought it very strange she just disappeared with no explanation! I too hope she is okay. Really enjoy your blog so please carry on.

  7. Thank you for this post. I share all your sentiments about Sue and hope she reads all the comments to the post.
    I love your post so please continue.
    There's a little group of bloggers who all comment on each other’s posts so it's almost like belonging to a circle of “pen friends”.

  8. LOL, Softie, no need to apologise. It's all too easy, isn't it? I do the same but at least in my blog posts I have the option of editing later! Thank you so much for de-lurking and making a comment. I look forward to many more in the future. We do seem to have a lot in common, one way and another. Do you enjoy crafting too?
    Beachcomber, yes, you're right, it's a very pleasant, unofficial little circle of friends and I think it's lovely really.
    Thanks, Franny and Danny, Jules, Pauline and everyone else for commenting. I've copied part of the post into the Frugal Factor blog so maybe S will see it.

    Like Diane, I promise I will give warning of any vanishing, although I have no intention of doing any such thing for now! :-)
    J x