Friday, 2 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  What weather, eh?  That red warning must have been pretty scary both in anticipation and in reality.  I'm hoping all my readers are well and have coped.
We may be getting another load of snow here today but the general trend is getting a bit warmer so that's positive.
The schools are closed again (so no Family Assembly* to go to) but should be open on Monday.  It's nice that the children have had the opportunity to play out in the snow for so long.  Round here we get so little usually. 

After my pipe froze yet again, I gave up thawing it - I get colder going out to thaw it than I do staying in with the heaters on.  My feet are warm with tights, socks and knitted slippers - hardly stylish but who cares?  My fingers were getting a bit cold but it wasn't too bad and I kept the electric blanket on all night which was absolutely lovely and so snug.  I know it is costing but that's what the fuel payment is for.

I'll thaw it again this morning when daylight comes and then turn the heating up to much higher than usual to warm up the house good and proper because I expect it will freeze again before nightfall!

Apart from that it was a normal day really.  Washing and drying got done so I have the ironing to do today, I sorted out the kitchen, did some planning and generally 'chilled' in front of the halogen heater which has really earned its space this week, as have my two furry fleeces.  I bless the people who gave them to me.

As for today, well, I know I can have a hot bath because I turned the immersion heater up yesterday and then I will promptly cool off again, defrosting that pipe with kettles and pans of boiling water.  My cleaner comes this morning - she contacted me yesterday and expects she will be here - and I am just wondering whether a kettle of boiling water every half hour or so might stop it from freezing again later on.  Might try that and see.  Then there's the ironing and a load of whites to wash and dry.  As for planning, I have a lot of this week's planning left as it mas mostly cancelled so I am hoping to get the rest done today and maybe a bit tomorrow so that the slate is clear for next week.

So that's today.  How are you managing?  Have you had much snow where you are?  Take care and stay warm, wherever you are.

* I don't usually go to family assemblies nowadays, but I am FS social governor and was invited to both of the assemblies.


  1. My stupid blog will not let me comment so I am writing here. Isnt it lovely to make something with not only all your own ingredients but absolutely no waste.

  2. I think it's brilliant. Such a sense of satisfaction and achievement.
    J x

  3. Hi Joy,

    I'm new to your blog. I'm using 'flu and three consecutive snow days to read from start to finish: currently up to Christmas, 2012. Sorry you were so poorly!

    Just wanted to say how wonderful I think you are: warm, witty and wise.

    I also wanted to ask whether you ever read Miss Read. Your writing reminds me *so* much of that lovely lady.

    Anyway, I'll be back when I'm up-to-date!

    Thank you for your gorgeous blog.


  4. Gosh, thanks very much indeed, Heloise, for such very kind words. Yes, I love Miss Read books, I think they're brilliant and I read them again and again.
    Really sorry you have flu - it's a horrible thing. I hope you feel better very soon.
    I must apologise for the beginning of this blog. I did some deleting ages ago so it's probably not all that logical. :-)
    J x