Thursday, 22 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After a beautiful Spring day yesterday, BBC weather tells me it is going to be lovely again today; maybe not quite so sunny but mild and Spring-like with some sun.

Yesterday I managed to get three loads of washing on the line by ten a.m. and it did my heart good to see it billowing on the line in the sun and gentle breeze.  Later on I ironed it all and, yet again, appreciated how much easier it is when the items have been line dried.

I tackled another bit of my bedroom,recycled some extremely old magazines, found two Which? magazines I've been looking for for ages and cleared two boxes of  'stuff'.  How fortunate that the bins are being collected today!

I had a great time at tuition and then settled to watch some evening telly, not that there's much on at the moment!

Today is usually a free day until early evening but during the main Beast weather, school was closed and the FS assemblies I was going to watch were, obviously, postponed.  One of them has been rescheduled for today and the other for next week. so I shall pop off to watch it and then whizz over the road to Morrisons to do a bit of shopping before coming home.

Later on, I will be attending meetings at school followed by tuition and then my friend, J, is coming over and we're off to the theatre in town to watch a live live broadcast of The Importance of Being Earnest from the Vaudeville Theatre, London.  I'm really looking forward to that!
J is staying overnight before going home tomorrow.

Apart from a bit of tidying up, all is ready so there's not too much to do.  I shall tackle another dark spot in my bedroom and also start making some more space in the smallest guest room.  I know I did this a while ago but books reproduce and I now know which ones I have had no interest in opening since the last time.  I must be bold and ruthless!  I desperately need that shelf space for books I do want to keep!

First things first though.  It has to be coffee first, doesn't it?

Have a splendid day!


Franny And Danny said...

Yes, always coffee first. The day doesn’t start until then!

Joy said...

It can't possibly, can it? :-)
J x

Sooze said...

Definitely coffee first. I couldn't write a blog post without having one! Have a lovely time at the theatre (can't remember the last time I went....years ago, we saw a production of Gaslight, I think).

Jules said...

Two coffees already here! Although, I am helping out with the school trip to the woods this morning. Enjoy your day. X

Joy said...

Thanks, Sooze. I'm really looking forward to it. We're lucky here - we have one nice theatre and next door a smaller on that doubles as a picture house - in fact, that's what it is called - that shows recordings of all sorts of things: concerts, shows, operas, plays, etc, from all round the world. I don't go nearly enough, really.
J x

Joy said...

Jules, two coffees is definitely better than one and absolutely essential before a school trip to the woods! Did it go well?
J x