Sunday, 17 June 2012

Two blogs

I don't normally publicise blogs very much, although I have mentioned a few in my time as a blogger.  However, very recently I have come across two that I feel are worth a specific mention.  They are poles apart in content, style and aim but I think they are both worth visiting.

The first you are very likely to have heard about already.  It's a David and Goliath story and, like the original, David ended up with the power.  It's the NeverSeconds blog, started by a junior school girl as a writing project with her dad and focusing on her school dinners!  It went viral (if you visit it, just watch the counter whizzing round - it is mesmerising), the LEA banned her from taking the photographs on which the blog depends, as a consequence it just went more viral, the LEA caved in after receiving what must have felt like an avalanche of protest and  . . . well, go take a look.  It's been going since the end of April and has (at the time of looking) received around 5.3 million - yes, MILLION - hits  and raised a huge amount of money for Mary's Meals.  I think it is brilliant but I hope the pressure won't get to Martha and spoil her pleasure in writing her blog.
The blog:
Mary's meals:

The second I discovered today after following a friend's link on Facebook.  It is the blog of the famous author, Michael Rosen, and he has some very perceptive comments to make regarding current educational/government stuff which really speaks to my heart and mind.  Very, very different from Martha's blog but, for me, equally interesting.  Given that the Year 1 phonics screen (NOT a test - they say, ha-flippin'-ha) starts tomorrow, I was particularly interested in his comments about it.  Go and look.  It might make you chuckle (I did in a very rueful way), it might make you angry, but I doubt it will leave you untouched.
The blog entry about the phonics screen:
The blog:

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