Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday morning

Did you notice my (cough) deliberate mistake yesterday?  :0)

Despite it being very wet yesterday, we managed to get playtimes in, thank goodness.  Even afternoon play, which was cut a bit short, so they got a bit of fresh air and a run around. 

And it's not promising for this morning either.  It doesn't appear to actually be raining right now, but it is windy and overcast and . . . and . . . the rest of the week's literacy depends on us being able to get out for a 'field walk' this morning.   I've had to think around this so that, if necessary, it just involves a quick jog out and back in again!  It all the years I have done this particular bit of Geography/science, I can't ever remember it being rained off so fingers crossed this isn't the first time.

Right - on with the reports!!!

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