Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday morning

I had to check to see what day it was before writing the title.  That's half terms for you, isn't it?

There's not an awful lot to write about today really.  Yesterday just happened, came and went, nothing exciting.  I did use up the rest of the barbecue sausages (just in time) by taking off the skins, breaking each sausage into four bits and rolling each into a ball in flour.  I then browned them in oil, removed them from the pan and made a sauce with onion, carrot, celery and red and green peppers chopped very fine and softened in the remaining oil, then cooked with chopped tomatoes with herbs, a good sloosh of red wine and some tomato puree.  Then back in went the sausage balls and it all simmered away for about 20-30 minutes (I wasn't timing it).  I ended up with three portions and one meatball to eat there and then and it was tasty!

A friend asked about the apricot muffins.  They were just made with a bog-standard plain muffin recipe and, as I seem to be out of sultanas, etc, I added some chopped  ready to eat apricots instead.  I chopped a load for the coronation chicken last Sunday but didn't need all of it so this was a good way to use it up.  Nothing special or complicated but tasty - and it took longer for the oven to heat up than it did to mix up the batter!
As is always the way, I then had muffins to use up!!  I gave four to my friends before they left, to take with them and then used another two as a base for some individual trifles I felt 'inspired' to make.  They worked jolly well in that role, something I will remember for the future.

The other thing I have left over in the fridge is a mixture of curry paste (korma) and mango chutney, also left over from the coronation chicken.  I wonder if I will get around to using that up. 

Today I woke to blue skies with clouds chasing each other across and an emerging sun.  How lovely - here's hoping it will last through the day.  I hope none of my readers have suffered any damage from either wind or rain. 

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