Thursday, 21 June 2012


When I woke up not all that long ago it was dry.  Dull, but dry.  I know it was because I went out to talk to the tomato plants - er - I mean check that they didn't need watering or anything.  Now it is raining rather hard and with an intensity that indicates it isn't going to stop any time soon.  That's a shame as it's probably put paid to any thoughts of outdoor games this morning, darn it.  Maybe this week has been summer . . .

Tomato in the rain.
This is the nice little tumbler I got from Wyvale last week.  I reckon it has almost doubled in size and already has some titchy littly tomatoes.  It's a golden plum variety which should taste scrummy as well as looking interesting on theplate.

Next week may be autumn but it is also Olympic Week so I'm busy gathering together resources.  The normal timetable goes to pot (apart from sundry unmoveables) and we do other stuff.  It should be fun and we are very much looking forward to it - but it will also signal the end of June.  Time is running as fast as the 100m sprint!

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